It is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse Richard (Dick) Rylander for District 5 Clark County Council!
Kirk VanGelderKirk VanGelder

I have watched him over the last couple of years pour himself into various community improvement activities such as school board issues, Republican Party State Committeeman, and now appointed Clark County Councilor. In every one of those activities, Dick thoroughly researches data and information to bring to bear on the problems being solved. I know of no one who is as diligent as Dick on that. This has led to much better-informed solutions for each of those entities. It has also been effective at cutting through some of the politics to bring all sides together in selecting effective paths forward.

His commitment to voters is also apparent in his Pledge of Transparency to do everything within his power to share information and have an open dialogue with citizens of Clark County and District 5. He continues “We must have open, frank discussions about needs versus wants, costs and what the people are willing to pay for.”

Dick’s passion is for making Clark County better for his grandkids and others. He is NOT in it to build a political career or stepping stone to other offices! He’s the real deal! You won’t be disappointed! Make sure you vote for him later this month!

Kirk VanGelder


We need YOU on the Rylander team!

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