Richard HudsonDick and his wife Barbara have lived 31 years in Clark County at two different times during their 51 years of marriage. Together they have raised four children and are grandparents to 12 and great grandparents to two.

Dick started working at age 12, delivering 100 newspapers a day, riding some seven miles seven days a week. He saved his money, paid his bills and won contests selling newspaper subscriptions. He had the paper route through high school.

In high school, he ran track and cross country and, at age 16 was the California State Junior Bowling Champion.

After marrying Barbara, he attended UC Sacramento during the day and worked nights. He graduated with degrees in marketing and finance. Dick accepted a job in pharmaceutical sales. His 26 year career progressed through sales, management, managed care, institutional sales, marketing, training and operations.

Married with 4 children and managing a team of 14, he earned his MBA in 18 months with a 3.64 GPA.

After their last child graduated from Ft. Vancouver High School, the couple moved to the East Coast where he ran Incentive Comp US. Subsequently he joined a Swiss Biotech startup in San Francisco. Dick created the operations group which included data, analytics, building the sales force, managing relations with the FDA, Medicare, Medicaid, sales force automation and coordinating other groups.

Dick and Barbara moved back to Clark County in 2005, building a home just south of Battle Ground. He started a new company, and served as CEO/President, to develop a drug/device combination for use in diabetes.

In 2016 he began volunteering at OHSU in the business development group where he now helps researchers evaluate their discoveries for potential commercialization, involving dozens of companies. Dick is also a mentor at WSU working with student teams who are helping local businesses. He was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Portland where he taught in the Pamplin Graduate School of Business.

Dick’s hobbies include bowling, gardening, reading and playing with the grandchildren. Dick and Barbara donate hundreds of pounds of produce and fruit (from their 14 dwarf fruit trees) to local foodbanks each year.

Dick has been active locally with school districts, cities as well as the county on various programs. He was on the Clean Water Commission for 4 years and chair for the last two years. He is also a past Director for the Meadow Glade Neighborhood Association and has been involved with other civic groups and organizations.

Dick is committed to helping make Clark County the best place to start and raise families.

Clark County Focus (07-18-22) with Dick Rylander


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